NAMPULA PROVINCE, paradise on earth

Nampula (capital with museums), Angoche [with New beach], Mozambique Island [with museums], Liúpo, Malema [with plateaus and valleys], Meconta, Mecuburi [with forest reserves] Memba, Mogincul [to the beach Quinga], Moma, Monapo, Mossuril [with hot springs], Muecate, Murrupula, Nacala [with the beach Jonathan Veloso] Nacala Velha, Nacarôa, Namapa, Nametil, Namialo, Quissimajulo [to the beach Relanzapo] Rapele, Ribaué. Both Mozambique Island as the town of Angoche They were founded as colonies trade in the fifteenth century by Arab merchants. Surface: 78 197 km². Limits: Cabo Delgado and Niassa north, southwest and Zambezia Indian Ocean to the east. Top Products: cashew, cotton, tobacco, precious stones and uranium. Density Population: 38 inhabitants / km². This province presents amazing landscapes as well as its history. The name comes from "Mpula" (stick). Miombo forests alternate with huge rocky ridges and cliffs. The capital is surrounded by plains and high mountain formations.Visit Nampula Province;it is to know the cradle of culture Macua - more ethnic representative of the Province. There are several destinations featured, among numerous tourist opportunities. How to go - You can go to Nampula by air, in regular LAM flights from Maputo, by road from Malawi,whose border Chipode / Mandimba, is 505 km from Nampula.Airports in Nampula are:Airport Nampula, Nacala-Porto and Aerodrome of Lumbo, Angoche. Road - National Highway 1 and others from Zambezia south, Cabo Delgado and Niassa in the north the Northeast. Train - Linked to "Hinterland" from the city port of Nacala and stations of CFM Nampula.Maritime-thr­ough Porto Nacala.

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