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Road accident claims one life, injures one more in Messica

An  accident that occurred this Sunday on the bridge over the Revue River in the administrative post of Messica, in the district of Manica, province of the same name, left one person dead and another gravely wounded. Accident involved a large truck that, in addition to running over the two persons, collided head-on with a light vehicle belonging to the delegation of the interior minister, Arsénia Massingue, who had just finished a working visit to the Manica province. Mário Arnaça, the director of public relations of the PRM's provincial headquarters in Manica, blames the accident on erroneous overtaking. The crash caused both vehicles to sustain significant material damage in addition to the fatalities.

Gaza,the breadbasket of Moza

Gaza is a province of Mozambique.
 It has an area of 75,709 km2 and a population of 1,333,106 (2006). 
Xai-Xai is the capital of the province.

 Inhambane Province is to the east, Manica Province to the north, Maputo Province to the south, South Africa to the west, and Zimbabwe to the northwest. 


Most of the district lies in the basin of the Limpopo River, which runs from northwest to southeast through the district, emptying into the Indian Ocean near Xai-Xai. 

The Changane River, a tributary of the Limpopo, forms part of the province's eastern boundary. 

The Rio dos Elefantes (Olifants River) flows into the district from the west through the Massingir Dam, to empty into the Limpopo. 

The Save River forms the northern boundary of the province. 

The Limpopo railway, which connects Zimbabwe and Botswana to the port of Maputo, runs through the province, entering Zimbabwe at the border town of Chicualacuala. 

The province, including the towns of Xai-Xai and Chokwe, were greatly affected by the 2000 Mozambique flood. Limpopo National Park lies within the province, bounded by the Elefantes and Limpopo rivers and the South African border. 

Banhine National Park lies in the east-central portion of the province.

 The Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park and its associated conservation area, which is in the process of being formed, will cover the northern part of the province, including both national parks, and extend into adjacent parts of Mozambique, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. Administration 

The province was created on October 20, 1954.Gaza is made up of Bilene ,Macia ,Chibuto,Chicualacuala,Chigubo, Chókwè ,Guijá ,Mabalane,Manjacaze,Massagena ,Massingir and Xai-Xai andd the municipalities of: Chibuto ,Chókwè Macia,Manjacaze and Xai-Xai