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Mozambique attack survivors file complain against energy giant Total Energies

  Survivors and relatives of victims of a 2021 insurgent attack in Mozambique have filed a complaint against Total Energies TTEF.PA for negligence and indirect manslaughter, saying the company had failed to ensure the safety of subcontractors. Total Energies rejected the allegations, saying they were “inaccurate.” Islamist insurgents attacked the port city of Palma in March 2021, killing many civilians in areas close to Mozambique LNG infrastructure projects, owned in part by Total Energies. The plaintiffs – including three survivors and four relatives of victims who died in an ambush – allege that Total Energies failed to inform subcontractors of the risks of possible attacks or of the progress of such attacks, and did not have proper safety or evacuation plans in place. The complaint alleges that a private security company’s helicopter rescuing people who had taken refuge in a hotel was stopped due to a lack of fuel, and that Total Energies had refused a request for fuel

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