Death Toll Climbs in Mozambique Shipwreck

The death toll from a shipwreck that occurred on Sunday off the coast of Mozambique has risen to 94. The overloaded boat, which was not designed to carry passengers, was transporting families between Lunga and Ilha de Moçambique.

Three additional bodies were recovered early on Monday morning. Local authorities are still searching for survivors, but the exact number remains unclear.

"We know there were 130 people on board," said Silvério Nauaito, administrator of the Island of Mozambique. "Sadly, 94 have lost their lives. Around 11 are receiving treatment at medical facilities, and a small number, possibly 3, have been rescued."

Search efforts will continue throughout the day to determine the final number of missing individuals.

Source: Radio Mozambique 

Innocence Betrayed: A Teacher's Ordeal with False Allegations

Published from Blogger Prime Android AppIn a shocking turn of events, an English teacher found himself ensnared in a web of false accusations within the halls of a prominent private school in Tete city, Mozambique, all orchestrated by a deceitful plot.

Formerly dedicated to educating young minds, the teacher became the target of slanderous claims concocted by Manuel Júlio Sambo, a lawyer with whom he had crossed paths due to teaching Sambo's daughter the previous year. Sambo's accusations, alleging sexual misconduct involving minors at the school, set off a distressing chain of events.

The malicious scheme unfolded through a WhatsApp group associated with a criminal entity known as "Os Poderosos." Fabricated testimonies, purportedly from a medical professional, circulated, accusing the teacher of heinous acts against young girls within the school premises.

Disturbingly, members of the judiciary, including Eusébio Capitere Ferro and Eduardo Mondlane Cachave, were implicated in this sinister ploy, aiming to extort funds from the targeted educational institution.

Sambo's ties to "Os Poderosos" and his spouse's affiliation with the local judiciary further underscored the depth of corruption involved. His public Facebook page, ironically named "Puxa-saco," served as a platform for orchestrating these nefarious schemes under the guise of mutual support.

Illustrating his motives with ominous imagery, Sambo's utilization of a disturbing artwork as the page's cover hinted at his exploitation of children for extortion purposes within Mozambican schools.

Moreover, Sambo's online proclamations, including claims of possessing incriminating videos and advocating for anonymous reporting of abuse, revealed a pattern of manipulation and opportunism.

In a bid to enrich himself, Sambo and his criminal associates singled out Raimosse Josse, a Zimbabwean-born teacher, as their next target for facilitating their extortion purposes. They wanted money from the school.

The victim, haunted by false accusations, described the ordeal as traumatic. Despite his innocence, he faced unjust repercussions, including being reassigned within the school and eventually terminated from his position under dubious circumstances.

The blatant disregard for justice and human rights displayed by those involved, including complicit officials within the judiciary, highlights the pervasive corruption plaguing Mozambique.

In his quest for justice, the victim seeks to expose the malevolent forces at play, calling for accountability from the highest echelons of power. The public outcry against such criminal enterprises serves as a beacon of hope for those unjustly targeted.

Manuel Júlio Sambo's exploitation of vulnerable individuals and institutions for personal gain epitomizes the depths of moral depravity lurking within society. It is imperative to shine a light on such injustices and stand united against the tyranny of corruption.

Impact of rains in the south of the country: CFM sustains loss of 65 million MT

Published from Blogger Prime Android AppThe suspension of goods trains in Mozambique's southern zone results in losses of nine hundred thousand dollars, or 65 million meticais, due to the catastrophic impact of rain. Emídio Bata, Southern Executive Director of the Company CFM, confirmed to TVM that passenger and freight trains on the Ressano Garcia, Limpopo, and Goba Lines have resumed circulation following emergency maintenance.

Excessive rain renders "Parts of Niassa's EN1 highway impassable "

EN1 Highway
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