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Road accident claims one life, injures one more in Messica

An  accident that occurred this Sunday on the bridge over the Revue River in the administrative post of Messica, in the district of Manica, province of the same name, left one person dead and another gravely wounded. Accident involved a large truck that, in addition to running over the two persons, collided head-on with a light vehicle belonging to the delegation of the interior minister, Arsénia Massingue, who had just finished a working visit to the Manica province. Mário Arnaça, the director of public relations of the PRM's provincial headquarters in Manica, blames the accident on erroneous overtaking. The crash caused both vehicles to sustain significant material damage in addition to the fatalities.

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The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Dunduro Silva, warned yesterday in Maputo, the political tension is retracting tourists and investments.

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Moçambique - Sofala - Gorongoza.

Moçambique - Sofala - Gorongoza

Moçambique - Sofala - Gorongoza.

Moçambique - Sofala - Gorongoza:River Pungoe

Moçambique - Tete - City of Tete:Airpot.

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Study confirmed the existence of sardines and horse mackerel in the Mozambican coast, for industrial fishing. Survey was conducted by the ship "Dr. Fridtjof Nansen" for the Fisheries Research Institute of Mozambique.

Cahora Bassa Dam under construction.

LAKE CAHORA BASSA,Sunset and sunrise.

Domesticated guinea fowl called ''Nkanga'',Tete Mozambique

In the belly of HIDROELECTRICA DE CAHORA BASSA dam wall.eletricity generation.

Gorongosa national park,Mozambique

Sunrise,Cahora Bassa lake,MOZAMBIQUE

Girassol Gorongosa Safari and logde,Mozambique,AFRICA