Mozambique is in a position to benefit from opportunities in the free trade zone in Africa.

According to the Minister of Industry and Commerce, the conditions are now favorable for positioning the nation on the global stage in order to benefit from the opportunities presented by the African continental free trade zone.

According to Silvino Moreno, the President of the Republic's package of economic acceleration measures and the recent start of liquefied natural gas export are evidence of the nation's progress.

This past Friday, Moreno gave a speech in Maputo at the start of a conference on the African Continental Free Trade Area.

Hipólito Hamela, the Economic Advisor at the Mozambican Chamber of Commerce, argues that in order to compete, a business environment must be created.

African Continental Free Trade Area: Opportunities and Advantages for Mozambique is the theme of the meeting on the African Continental Free Trade Area, which brings together representatives of the government, cooperative partners, and businesspeople.

In order to facilitate the movement of goods, services, and people across the African continent, the African Continental Free Trade Area aims to establish a single market that unites the 55 African economies.

Passenger rail service between Mozambique and the Kingdom of Esvathine to resume

This Saturday, passenger rail service between Mozambique and the Kingdom of Esvathine will resume.

This occurs two decades after the two countries' services were terminated.

The first locomotive to transport passengers to the Kingdom of Esvathine will leave Maputo Central Station at 06:00 on the 19th, bound for the Matsapa region, about seven kilometers from Mazzimi, the neighboring country's second largest city.

The President of the Association of Micro-importers of Mozambique, Sudecar Novela, points out that this development will cut costs in commercial mobility.

With the passenger transport train running between Mozambique and the Kingdom of Esvathine, the two countries' commercial ties will be strengthened once more.

The trip will take five to six hours and will cost 1250 meticais.

Commercial operators welcome the resumption of passenger rail transport between Mozambique and the Kingdom of Esvathine.

The government guarantees that retroactive TSU payments will begin this month.

The government promised payment of retroactives related to the implementation of the Single Salary Table, or TSU as of  this November.

The assurance was provided by Carla Louveira, deputy minister of economy and finance, during the customary media briefing that followed the Council of Ministers' regular session.

Carla Louveira gave the assurance that the government would also protect grants for various professional groups.

These remarks were made by the Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance at the conclusion of the Council of Ministers' 39th session.

The government made sure that the reasonableness between the management, leadership, and trust functions and professional careers is protected in the implementation of the Single Salary Table on Wednesday as well.

Inocêncio Impissa, Deputy Minister of State Administration and Civil Service, disclosed the information.

Inocêncio Impissa reiterated that the framework commission for the implementation of the TSU is still open to resolve any cases that arise as a result of this process.

Mozambique seeking more and better cyclone early warning systems

To this end, the President of the Republic, Filipe Nyusi, paid a visit to the VARSLA Corporation, a firm that makes cyclone early warning radars, on Thursday in Helsinki, Finland.

Given that the early warning system in Beira, province of Sofala, was installed by the same company, President Nyusi was impressed with what he observed during the demonstration of the systems.

Verónica Macamo, the minister responsible for business and international cooperation in Mozambique, said that the nation is concerned about finding ways to mitigate the effects of natural disasters, which recur periodically in the country.

On Thursday, President Filipe Nyusi traveled to Maputo and paid a visit to a company called VASLA that built the Ressano Garcia CTRG thermoelectric power station as well as a teacher training facility at the University of Helsinki.

Niassa Province: More Farmers to grow cotton.

Producers planning to grow cotton during the 2022–2023 agrarian campaign have increased their demand for cotton seed, according to Niassa, which began tracking this demand last Monday.

So far, the organization Sociedade Algodoeira do Niassa, which promotes this cash crop, has sold seed to at least ten thousand new producers.

Manuel Delgado, General Director of Sociedade Algodoeira do Niassa, believes that the high price of this crop is what motivates these producers.Sociedade Algodoeira do Niassa will have about 50,000 cotton producers as a result.

Manuel Delgado, the director general of Sociedade Algodoeira do Niassa, stated that 15,000 tons of cotton production are anticipated ,five more tons from the previous harvest.

Sofala: Businessmen Positive about economic recovery after resumption of passenger and freight trains operations.

Following the resumed operation of passenger and freight trains on the Beira-Moatize railway line this Tuesday, businessmen in Sofala are optimistic about the quick economic recovery of the province.

Ricardo Cunhaque, president of the Business Council in Sofala, claims that the reintroduction of rail transportation will foster trade and regional economic growth.

According to Ricardo Cunhaque, when trains start running again, the cost of some essential goods may decrease in nearly every district that the railway line passes through.

Despite the negative economic effects, the official argued that the suspension of locomotive service in response to the Covid-19 pandemic was a wise decision.

Locomotive conks out the day after inaugural Beira-Dondo trip

The locomotive that on Monday pulled the first passenger train in 30 years from Beira to Dondo broke down on Tuesday morning, according to Ports and Railways of Mozambique (CFM).

When the locomotive malfunctioned as the train approached Dondo and Beira for what would have been its second trip, passenger service between the two cities in the Sofala province came to a halt.

The CFM note states that the locomotive's electronic starting system failed just as it was getting ready to leave for its second trip.

According to the CFM communique, the locomotives it purchased are made in India and will enhance the comfort and convenience of the passenger transport service in the interurban areas of the southern and central rail systems.

Given that the locomotive was still in service, CFM issued an apology for the inconvenience to the passengers and pledged that the issue would be resolved in the following few hours given that the manufacturer's technicians were still in the city and the locomotive was still being commissioned.

Inhambane: Inharrime village faces acute water shortage

Due to lightning strikes that damaged the system that ensures the supply of this liquid, just over 900 families in the village of Inharrime district in Inhambane are currently experiencing an acute drinking water crisis.

Discharges registered two weeks ago impacted the electrical energy transformation station, which allows the water supply system to operate.

Because of the situation, residents of Inharrime are forced to drink unsafe water or use private suppliers who charge between five and ten meticais per twenty-liter can.

Nercio Guambe, the head of Collions, the company that manages the supply system, stated that 500,000 meticais would be required to acquire the other Power Transformer, money that does not currently exist.

Elsa Tomo, administrator of the district of Inharrime, stated that while a permanent solution to the problem is sought, a generator is being mobilized to ensure water pumping and supply in critical neighborhoods.

The Social Sciences exam for seventh grade declared null and void by Education Ministry

The discrepancies discovered during this week's examination in the Nampula and Maputo cities are at issue.

The exam in question will be retaken next Tuesday, the Ministry of Education and Human Development's spokesperson announced this Thursday during a press conference.

Feliciano Mahalambe clarified that the error was a result of printing, and he ensures that the right conditions are taken to mitigate the country's second exam call from being compromised  after the exam in question  is repeated.

According to the ministry's spokesperson for education and human development, approximately 300,000 students from some Cabo Delgado province districts were not tested because of security concerns.

The First Lady advocates sharing ideas that in the tussle against premature unions.

The First Lady of the Republic defended the need for idea sharing and the prevention of premature unions on Tuesday in Dubai.

There is a need for more investments in the healthcare sector, according to Isaura Nyusi, who is taking part in the ninth edition of the Merck Foundation Africa-Asia Luminary 2022 in her capacity as the Merck Foundation Campaign's Ambassador.

The Ambassador of the Merck Foundation Campaign in Mozambique is dedicated to carrying out activities that have a real-world impact on the lives of Mozambicans and contribute to the social well-being of vulnerable populations.

The projects of the Office of the First lady  of the Republic, which focus on health and education, disease prevention, and treatment, were presented by Isaura Nyusi at the seminar.

Merck Foundation, established in 2017, is the philanthropic arm of Merck KGaA, Germany that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of people and advance their lives through science and technology. Its efforts are primarily focused on improving access to quality and equitable healthcare solutions in underserved communities, building healthcare and scientific research capacity and empowering people in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) with a special focus on women and youths.

Government of Memba district ramps up counterterrorism efforts.

The government of Nampula's district of Memba is tightening  vigilance in all mining areas to keep terrorists from infiltrating and recruiting young people.

Juma Cateria, the administrator of Memba, stated that inspection teams have been established at all points where minerals occur, as authorities recognize that these areas are vulnerable to terrorist infiltration.
Juma Cateria also stated that people in the mining sites' surrounding communities are already aware of the dangers of not reporting strange people in the area.

Other aspects that inspection teams examine in those locations include the need to practice mining in an organized and safe manner in order to avoid tragedies and make the optimum use of resources.

Road accident claims one life, injures one more in Messica

An  accident that occurred this Sunday on the bridge over the Revue River in the administrative post of Messica, in the district of Manica, province of the same name, left one person dead and another gravely wounded.

Accident involved a large truck that, in addition to running over the two persons, collided head-on with a light vehicle belonging to the delegation of the interior minister, Arsénia Massingue, who had just finished a working visit to the Manica province.

Mário Arnaça, the director of public relations of the PRM's provincial headquarters in Manica, blames the accident on erroneous overtaking.

The crash caused both vehicles to sustain significant material damage in addition to the fatalities.

Development of Maputo Bust Rapid Transport to cost more than $250 milion.

A $250 million investment is being made in a city of Maputo urban transportation project that is being funded by the World Bank.

Cycle lanes and a BRT are being built as part of the project's execution, which has been in the planning stages for a year.

Luclia Espetonal, a transportation expert and adviser to the minister of transportation and communications, revealed the information on Sunday.

Eneas Comiche, the mayor of Maputo, claims that although the city is not yet prepared to accept bike lanes, a portion of the lanes will be closed to allow for bicycle circulation as part of a planned urban mobility initiative.

This Sunday, saw a march and bicycle race in Maputo, in an event that is part of the celebrations of the fifth week of sustainable mobility.

Nyusi announces first LNG export shipment

The first LNG export from the Coral Sul FLNG Project, which produces liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the Rovuma Basin, started today, according to Filipe Nyusi, President of the Republic.

In an address to the nation  on Sunday, Filipe Nyusi stated that the LNG cargo is the first to be made in accordance with the long-term purchase and sale deal with BP, which includes all LNG produced in Mozambique.
"It is with great honor that I announce the start of the first export of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), produced in the Rovuma, in Mozambique, by the Coral Sul FLNG Project. The British Sponsor ship departs Mozambican waters for the international market. "

The Mozambican statesman declared that "Today, Mozambique enters the annals of world history as one of the exporting countries of liquefied natural gas, which, in addition to representing an alternative source of supply, greatly contributes to energy security in countries with the highest consumption."

In his address to the country, Nyusi stated that the completion of this international project is evidence of the market's recognition that Mozambique provides a stable, transparent, and predictable environment for the realization of multibillion-dollar investments, where high technology stands out in order to monetize resources during a phase of energy transition.

"But we urge Mozambicans not to see gas development as the best and only option for our ambition to build Mozambique. In our traditional industries like agriculture, fishing, tourism, and energy generation projects, among others, they must maintain and significantly boost production and productivity".

Huge natural gas resources, the largest ever found in Sub-Saharan Africa, were found in the northern Cabo Delgado province in 2010, and Mozambique has great expectations for them.

Mozambique could be one of the top ten exporters in the world once its potential is realized.

Africa has more than 620 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves, according to the BP 2021 Statistical Review of World Energy. 
Leaders want to promote action plan for industrialization through the production of LNG for both domestic and international consumption. 

Nampula: The culture and tourism sector is focusing on cleaning up heritage places.

The Ribáuè District Service of Education, Youth, and Technology's Culture, Youth, and Sports Sector is stepping up cleaning efforts in the region's forty-eight historic sites and cave paintings.
The action intends to save and preserve the places in order to attract domestic and international tourists.

Ricardo Limua, Head of Culture, Youth, and Sports at the Ribaue District Service of Education, Youth, and Technology, stated that the process of creating car parks and cleaning trails that go to historic sites is now underway to increase accessibility.

Ricardo Limua argues that historical sites must be valued and preserved because they are a part of our history.

In order to better conserve and draw in out-of-country visitors  , Ricardo Lima states that local authorities and residents are dedicated to cleaning up historic sites. 

Administration of Second dose of COVID-19 vaccine to start on Monday expected to reach close to 5M youths.

The second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine will be administered to youths aged twelve to seventeen years old across the country as of next Monday .

The vaccine program will last through November 25th, with the country expecting to reach about four million eight hundred thousand youths.

Quinhas Fernandes, the National Director of Public Health, stated that the vaccination will be administered in schools and communities.

Quinhas Fernandes reiterates the need for parents, guardians, and other stakeholders in society to work together to guarantee that the process's aims are met.

The Executive allocated around $7 million USD towards the immunization of youths against Covid-19. 

Catholic Church dabbling in Politics advocates people's engagement in the establishment of remuneration standards.

The Catholic Bishops regard the Single Salary Scale as an important tool for reducing inequities in the country's prior civil service salary systems.

The Bishop of the Diocese of Chimoio, Dom Joo Carlos, emphasizes the necessity for all elements of society to be included in the formulation of labor policy, and not just in order to avoid upheavals.

Dom Joo Carlos, Bishop of Chimoio, spoke on Friday at a news conference held in conjunction with the Episcopal Conference of Mozambique's second Plenary Session.

Dom Inácio Lucas, President of the Episcopal Seminary Commission, underlines Catholic Bishops' commitment to contributing to the country's harmony and well-being.

The second Plenary Session of the Episcopal Conference of Mozambique, which began on Monday, concludes on Sunday. (RM)

Nyusi to embark on a state visit to Finland next week .

From November 16–17, 2022, Filipe Nyusi, president of the Republic of Mozambique, will travel to Finland on a diplomatic mission. Sauli Niinistö, the president of the Republic of Finland, will host the visit.

On Wednesday morning, there will be formal consultations between Presidents Niinistö and Nyusi in the presidential palace. Topics will include the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Mozambique's potential membership in the UN Security Council, difficulties with food security, and climate change in addition to Finland and Mozambique's bilateral connections. The Presidents will conduct a joint press conference after their discussions.

Meetings with the Prime Minister Sanna Marin, Speaker of the Parliament Matti Vanhanen, and Minister of Foreign Affairs Pekka Haavisto are also on President Nyusi's schedule for that day.

President Nyusi will speak at a seminar on Thursday, 17 November,  on business opportunities between Mozambique and Finland organised by Business Finland, and and thereafter tour  Finnish companies.
In addition, he will explore about the Finnish school system at the University of Helsinki Viikki Normal School and Omnia, the Espoo region's Joint Authority of Education. Finland has a rich history of development collaboration with Mozambique. Finland, in particular, has aided the development of basic education in Mozambique.

Mozambique's previous presidential visit to Finland occurred in 2008, when President Tarja Halonen welcomed President Armando Guebuza's state visit.

Prime minister impressed by infrastructure reconstruction in Palma

Twenty months after the terrorist incident in Cabo Delgado Province, the Prime Minister was impressed by the quickness of social and economic infrastructure rehabilitation in Palma's district headquarters.

Adriano Maleiane, who visited the area on Friday, expressed his satisfaction at witnessing how hard returning families work to resume their regular life.

The Prime Minister claimed, however, that he had discovered issues whose resolution the government must find as soon as possible.

The Prime Minister worked in the Mueda District on this Saturday, the final day of his working tour to Cabo Delgado, where he talked with the regional government and various social groups. 

Lake Cahora -Bassa:Fishermen denounce smuggling of kapenta

The Cahora-Bassa reservoir is the location of a network of theft and smuggling, according to kapenta fish producers in Tete's Mágoé area.

The accusation was made during the meeting with Henrique Bongece, Deputy Minister of the Sea, Inland Waters, and Fisheries.

Ditos Gabriel, president of the Kapenta Fishermen's Association, spoke on behalf of the producers, saying that they are concerned about the situation since it jeopardizes the work they do.

The Deputy Minister of the Sea, Inland Waters, and Fisheries urged all parties(Including the fisheries' security guard and the relevant governmental authorities) to conduct more thorough inspections.

"Do you hear me when I say that we would penalize or arrest anyone found stealing kapenta fish? This issue shouldn't be brought up again", he said. (RM)

Motion to assist Mozambique in its fight against terrorism in Cabo Delgado is approved by the Pan-African Parliament.


the motion of support and solidarity for Mozambique in the fight against terrorism in Cabo Delgado was unanimously approved by the Pan-African Parliament.

The heinous atrocities carried out by terrorists in Cabo Delgado, particularly those committed against women, children, and the old, are strongly opposed and condemned by African legislators.

All individuals who support and encourage terrorism and violent extremism in Mozambique and other parts of Africa have been repudiated and condemned.

The Pan-African Parliament called on the leaders of the continent to support Mozambique's efforts to combat the scourge of terrorism, which poses a threat to the entire southern region.

Following the national group leader's involvement during the Pan-African Parliament's discussion of peace and security in Africa, the motion of solidarity was accepted.

Aires Aly issued a warning that the terrorists' actions are becoming more concerning and that they are impeding the government's attempts to advance the nation.

Aires Aly suggested that Africa openly address the implementation of stringent border restrictions, the strengthening of police and judicial cooperation, and the establishment of effective methods to combat the financing of terrorists during the recent debate on peace and security.

This Thursday officially marks the conclusion of the first regular session of the sixth legislative assembly of the Pan-African Parliament. (RM

90 year old man narrowly escapes a lynch mob in Maputo

At the Maluana administrative post in the Manhiça district of Maputo province, a 90-year-old man who had been accused of witchcraft and other superstitious practices in the area narrowly avoided being killed by lynching by the locals.

In a situation that occurred last Monday night, the populace chose to assault after receiving repeated charges of witchcraft.

The old resident, who is also a traditional leader, had his home completely demolished during the violence by the populace, who also blames the victim for some fatalities in the area.

The elderly man cited above, who has been in the neighborhood where he is currently being evicted by the locals for nearly two years, was only saved thanks to the involvement of the Police of the Republic of Mozambique (PRM).
Juarce Martins, the PRM spokeswoman at the Maputo provincial command, reveals that the elderly man was taken in by the district command as a result of the forces' action.

"The command dispatched a battalion to save the elderly man"

 The ninety-year-old man stated that He was a subject of community hate, emphasizing that he was willing to conform to the customary test in order to learn the truth.

In light of the situation, the Police of the Republic of Mozambique in Maputo province stated that they had already identified three culprits of the act, and that the prosecution had already begun.

Gaza Province: Cases of Suicides alarmingly on the rise

In the last week alone, Gaza province has recorded a total of five cases of suicide.

According to the spokesman for the Police of the Republic of Mozambique (PRM) in Gaza, Carlos Macuácua, the cases were registered in the districts of Bilene (two), Guijá (two) and Limpopo (one).

According to Carlos Macuácua, the PRM's spokesman in Gaza, there were three districts where the instances were reported: Bilene (two), Guijá (two), and Limpopo (one).

Authorities in charge of maintaining law and order are concerned about this trend since it involves people opting suicide as a consequence of everyday challenges. According to Macuácua, who said that the deceased, four of whom were female, spanned in age from 33 to 80. The primary cause is depression brought about by passionate issues, domestic problems, and protracted diseases.

In contrast, he disclosed that a fisherman, whose identity has not been made public, perished in a wreck in the Bambene lagoon, in the Chibuto district.

The dead was one of three fisherman who set out to sea and became wrecked after one of the crew members allegedly became inebriated and lost his balance..

"We want to bring communities' attention to the necessity that people refrain from using any resource—a lake, sea, or river—while intoxicated. Macuácua warned people not to go into deep water without first having learned to swim and to observe safety precautions".

Single Salary Table: Minister requests teachers in Mozambique to remain calm

Carmelita Namashulua, the Minister of Education and Human Development (MINEDH), urged teachers to maintain their composure on Monday, saying that the Government is taking all necessary steps to address any inconsistencies that may exist in the Single Salary Table's implementation (TSU).

The official's statements come after certain teachers from some schools in the province and city of Maputo suspended their activities because they were disgruntled with the Single Salary Table's inconsistencies.

Namashulua asserts that the Ministry of State Administration and Civil Service, along with the Ministry of Economy and Finance, formed a technical team that is working actively in coordination with the Ministry of Education and Human Development to address all concerns and fix any issues that may arise during the implementation process.

"We will meet with the union once more today (monday) to discuss these issues so that the government can follow up appropriately. We urge our teachers to keep up the good work and to fully prepare our schoolchildren for the exams that will be conducted in November. If there is an issue with the salaries that we send to the appropriate institutions, we have our unions and the provincial directorates, she added, so that the government can make the required fixes.

The Minister further emphasizes the need of being calm because this is an ongoing process, and the Government will fix any inconsistencies that may develop as the TSU is implemented.

Muslim leader beheaded in Namuno; 18 rebels slain in battle in Cabo Delgado

In a further assault on the town of Murrameia, in the neighborhood of Namuno, south of Cabo Delgado, on Saturday, 29, a Muslim leader and his wife were slaughtered. Additionally, Christian churches and schools were burned down.

The locals claim they were informed about the possibility of an attack on Mozambican and international forces that are collaborating in Cabo Delgado to combat terrorism, but there was not enough time to prevent the incident.
On Saturday afternoon, 29, the terrorist organization stormed the community and set fire to schools and places of worship before kidnapping and beheading the local chief and his wife. A third person was shot and died shortly.

"People were having a funeral when suddenly the al-shaabab (local name for the insurgents) emerged" close to the village, sending some fleeing in a panic and others fleeing toward a position of government forces, alerting them to the likelihood of the attack.
18 insurgents killed

It should be noted that on Wednesday, the 26th, the armed group killed one person and set fire to a Christian church and several houses in the Chiure district.

Earlier, on Sunday, the 22nd, the armed group attacked the main village of Macomia, killing seven people.

It should be mentioned that the armed group attacked the Chiure neighborhood on Wednesday, 26th, killing one person while torching a Christian church and several homes.

Seven people were killed when the armed group invaded the town of Macomia on Sunday, October 22.

However, during a clash with Mozambican authorities on Wednesday, 26, in the Cabo Delgado district of Nangade, at least 18 terrorists perished.

According to the sources, the group operates many sub-bases and periodic attacks on communities and vehicles on the routes in the area of the conflict.

The operation, which resulted in the rebels' deaths, was concentrated on a region where the band, which has been attacking Cabo Delgado towns and villages for five years, had recently made inroads.

However, in a confrontation with Mozambican forces, on Wednesday, 26 October, at least 18 terrorists died, in the district of Nangade, in the north of Cabo Delgado,  sources linked to the incident assert.

In the region of the confrontation, the sources said, the group sporadically attacks villages and vehicles on the roads and maintains several sub-bases.

The operation, which resulted in the death of the insurgents, focused on an area where recent incursions had been recorded by the group, which has been attacking towns and villages in Cabo Delgado for half a decade.

Pan African Parliament first ordinary session: Strengthening nutritional resilience and food security on the African continent:

This Tuesday, the Pan-African Parliament discussed, among other issues, nutrition and food security on the African continent.

Yesterday, at the official opening of the first ordinary session of the sixth legislature, remarks focused on the need to find answers to Africa's food crisis, which has been exacerbated by the covid-19 pandemic.

Prior to the start of the pandemic, research indicated that more than 200 million Africans were malnourished.

This Tuesday also sees discussions about the state of peace and security in Africa as well as the adoption of the African Charter on Democracy, Elections, and Governance.

Conflicts, economic and environmental disasters are all factors contributing to Africa's high malnutrition rate.

According to deputy Aires Aly, president of the national group at the Pan-African parliament, Mozambique prioritizes food and nutritional security in relation to human capital.

Mozambique, he added, continues to work towards achieving the goals defined for the year of nutrition.

Also, this Tuesday, the situation of peace and security in Africa and the implementation of the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance will be discussed.

Mozambique: Prime rate rises to 20.6%

The Bank of Mozambique rate calculated monthly by the AMB and the  (BM) is based on a single index (calculated by the central bank), which rose to 17.2%, and a cost premium of 5.3%, (set by the AMB ), which remains the same.

This is the third rise in 2022: in May the 'prime rate' had risen 50 basis points and in June, it rose 150.

To find a rise that is steeper than it is right now, go back to March 2021..

The depreciation of the metical at the time, as well as the dangers to the economy related with covid-19, cyclones, and armed unrest, necessitated a 230 basis point increase.

Increases in the 'prime rate' have been associated with the rise in the monetary policy interest rate (MIMO rate, which influences the formula for calculating the 'prime rate') by the central bank, in order to control inflation.

Year-on-year inflation was 12.01% in September, a slight slowdown of 0.09 percentage points from 12.1% in August, so slight that it is more equivalent to saying that prices have stagnated.
Food, non-alcoholic beverages, and transportation have been the most expensive commodities and services in Mozambique.

The central bank and the AMB decided in 2017 to establish the 'prime rate' in order to eliminate the proliferation of reference rates in the cost of money.

It was introduced at 27.75% at the time and has dropped 525 basis points since then.

According to the promoters, the goal is for all credit operations to be based on a single rate "plus a spread that will be added or deducted from the 'prime rate' through risk analysis."

SUDAN: WFP Welcomes SEK 26 million from the Swedish Government to support the PostHarvest Loss (PHL) Programme [EN/AR]

Khartoum – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in Sudan has welcomed a contribution of SEK 26 million (US$ 2.3 Million) from the Swedish Government in support of WFP’s Post-Harvest Loss (PHL) Programme, which will be integrated with the Productive Safety Net (PSN), (a programme that received funding from the Swedish Government in 2019-2022). These funds will support advancing the capacity of over 34,000 smallholder farmers across the country through training on post-harvest handling methods and the use of hermetic storage equipment to increase food availability at the household level.

“In a year where more than a third of Sudanese people face various forms of food insecurity, any loss or waste in the food system is simply unacceptable. The contribution by the Swedish Government will go a long way in ensuring we are able to improve food security, reduce postharvest loss and help preserve greater quantity and better-quality food to meet the needs of the people of Sudan,” said Eddie Rowe, WFP’s Representative and Country Director in Sudan.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation, over 30 percent of food — the equivalent of approximately US$4 billion — is lost annually in sub-Saharan Africa because of poor harvesting. Thanks to support from donors and partners, WFP is supporting smallholder farmers to acquire skills and knowledge on how to safely process and store their produce post-harvest. This includes equipping them with simple but effective hermetic storage equipment, and in collaboration with IFAD, providing them with fortified seeds to enhance production and promote market access. Since the start of the programme, participating farmers have been able to reduce post-harvest losses by up to 98%.

“We are pleased to continue our support to Sudanese smallholder farmers through our partner WFP. With the additional funds of 26 million Swedish kronor, WFP can further scale up the work to reduce Post Harvest Losses and increase food security in Sudan. Sweden values its strong partnership with WFP on these issues and we look forward to continued close cooperation.” H.E Ms. Signe Burgstaller, Ambassador of Sweden in Sudan.

The contribution from the Swedish government will be used to scale up ongoing training for farmers on preventing post-harvest losses, purchasing, and distributing an additional 104,550 hermetic bags and 17,425 manuals, and building warehouses in communities through the Productive Safety Nets (PSN) modality.

The United Nations World Food Programme is the world’s largest humanitarian organization, saving lives in emergencies and using food assistance to build a pathway to peace, stability and prosperity for people recovering from conflict, disasters and the impact of climate change.

Nampula. Disputes between two commercialization firms may result in the layoff of around 3,000 employees.

The business dispute between two trading and export companies in Nampula could result in the layoff of about three thousand agricultural workers.

The Royal Group claims that ETG Marketing obstructed the sale of around 30,000 tons of pigeon peas and soybeans to a customer in the Republic of India by allegedly giving incorrect information regarding the product's origin and quality.

The scenario compelled Mombai's port and customs authorities to forbid the entry of the ship carrying the thirty thousand tons of goods, which was where they had to be unloaded and sold.

The Royal Group, feeling deluded, filed a lawsuit against ETG Marketing, which resulted in the preventive seizure of all assets, including  accounts cancellation and suspension of  business  operations .

The Mocmboa da Praia neighborhood in Cabo Delgado saw a return of almost 35,000 inhabitants.

Following terrorist attacks, more than 35,000 residents of the Mocmboa da Praia neighborhood in Cabo Delgado have already willingly returned to their homes.

The improvement in security conditions, according to the district administrator of Mocmboa da Praia, is encouraging families to return.

According to Sérgio Cipriano, a significant portion of the formerly abandoned communities are already starting to be occupied.

He cited the example of the populace return to the Mbau administrative post and other communities with more than eight administrative posts in the Mocmboa da Praia district's central and northern regions.

Mozambique:Starts a national moratorium on the harvest of surface shrimp and mangrove crab

In all of the nation's coastal provinces, the period of the fishing ban for surface shrimp and mangrove crab starts this Tuesday.

The strategy, according to the Ministry of the Sea, Inland Waters, and Fisheries, aims to ensure that species and stocks will be replaced in time for the upcoming fishing season.

Lidia Cardoso, the minister of the sea, inland waters, and fisheries, promises that the government will keep looking for ways to stop illegal fishing in the nation.

Lidia Cardoso noted this Monday evening on the program Cartas na Mesa on Rádio Moçambique that the nation has the assistance of international partners in this quest for solutions. (RM)