The government guarantees that retroactive TSU payments will begin this month.

The government promised payment of retroactives related to the implementation of the Single Salary Table, or TSU as of  this November.

The assurance was provided by Carla Louveira, deputy minister of economy and finance, during the customary media briefing that followed the Council of Ministers' regular session.

Carla Louveira gave the assurance that the government would also protect grants for various professional groups.

These remarks were made by the Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance at the conclusion of the Council of Ministers' 39th session.

The government made sure that the reasonableness between the management, leadership, and trust functions and professional careers is protected in the implementation of the Single Salary Table on Wednesday as well.

Inocêncio Impissa, Deputy Minister of State Administration and Civil Service, disclosed the information.

Inocêncio Impissa reiterated that the framework commission for the implementation of the TSU is still open to resolve any cases that arise as a result of this process.

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