Inhambane: Inharrime village faces acute water shortage

Due to lightning strikes that damaged the system that ensures the supply of this liquid, just over 900 families in the village of Inharrime district in Inhambane are currently experiencing an acute drinking water crisis.

Discharges registered two weeks ago impacted the electrical energy transformation station, which allows the water supply system to operate.

Because of the situation, residents of Inharrime are forced to drink unsafe water or use private suppliers who charge between five and ten meticais per twenty-liter can.

Nercio Guambe, the head of Collions, the company that manages the supply system, stated that 500,000 meticais would be required to acquire the other Power Transformer, money that does not currently exist.

Elsa Tomo, administrator of the district of Inharrime, stated that while a permanent solution to the problem is sought, a generator is being mobilized to ensure water pumping and supply in critical neighborhoods.

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