Locomotive conks out the day after inaugural Beira-Dondo trip

The locomotive that on Monday pulled the first passenger train in 30 years from Beira to Dondo broke down on Tuesday morning, according to Ports and Railways of Mozambique (CFM).

When the locomotive malfunctioned as the train approached Dondo and Beira for what would have been its second trip, passenger service between the two cities in the Sofala province came to a halt.

The CFM note states that the locomotive's electronic starting system failed just as it was getting ready to leave for its second trip.

According to the CFM communique, the locomotives it purchased are made in India and will enhance the comfort and convenience of the passenger transport service in the interurban areas of the southern and central rail systems.

Given that the locomotive was still in service, CFM issued an apology for the inconvenience to the passengers and pledged that the issue would be resolved in the following few hours given that the manufacturer's technicians were still in the city and the locomotive was still being commissioned.

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