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Road accident claims one life, injures one more in Messica

An  accident that occurred this Sunday on the bridge over the Revue River in the administrative post of Messica, in the district of Manica, province of the same name, left one person dead and another gravely wounded. Accident involved a large truck that, in addition to running over the two persons, collided head-on with a light vehicle belonging to the delegation of the interior minister, Arsénia Massingue, who had just finished a working visit to the Manica province. Mário Arnaça, the director of public relations of the PRM's provincial headquarters in Manica, blames the accident on erroneous overtaking. The crash caused both vehicles to sustain significant material damage in addition to the fatalities.





Manica is situated in the central interior of Mozambique.

To the north is the province of Tete, to the South, the Provinces of Inhambane and Gaza, to the East the province of Sofala and to the west, Zimbabwe.

Did you know?

The province of Manica is one of the highest in the country.

Manica is the source of many rivers that flow eastwards to the Indian Ocean.

Água Vumba mineral water, from Mountain Vumba is bottled in Manica and distributed

 to most of Mozambique.

The capital of Manica province is Chimoio.

Manica village is the second largest city 


How to get there

Travel by road from Zimbabwe via Mutare/Machipanda border post and from Beira on the EN6.

Regular flights are available.

From Maputo travel on the EN1 highway, taking the EN6 in On hope for Beira or Maputo.


What to visit

In Chimoio the Mural of heroes is a testimony to independence.

The Mosque is worthy of a visit as is also the provincial library, housed in a typical colonial era building.

In Manica village after passing through the charming historic portals, in a colonial era building is the Geology Museum exbiting a collection of rare minerals of the province.

Fort Macequece near Villa Manica was built by the Portuguese to maintain their grip on the land they established themselves after treaties with the Munhumutapa Empire.

Cabeça do Velho (The old man's head) is a natural stone formation that resembling an old man's head , 5 Km from Chimoio.

The  Penha longa Mountains  are found about 20 Km north of Manica, near the border with Zimbabwe .

The Shonas reside there in their traditional houses painted with different colors made from mixing clays.

Manica Chikamba Power Plant.