Maputo City

Main Ethnic groups

The metropolis has a population of approximately a million people It also depicts varied architecture types, islands off the beaches, markets, and extensive garden complexes to find.

Make sure you don't miss out on visiting the train station, which was built in the early twentieth century and features a green frontage as well as high-rise arches.

Also, explore the city until you get at the Maputo Fortress, which was once a Portuguese stronghold. Tunduru Botanical is an additional location that will allow you get a firsthand experience of Mozambique's natural wonders.You will observe an eclectic assortment of flora and fauna while hiding behind tree canopies to stay away from the intense noon sun.

 Changana and Ronga. 

 Location :To the South is South Africa, to the west is Eswatin (Swaziland) To the East is the Indian Ocean. 

To the north is the Gaza Province. Beautiful Maputo city is the Capital of Mozambique. 

It's famous for its wide avenues lined with jacaranda trees and red acacias.

Other Attractions

 Sun and sea, magnificent beaches on the coast of the Indian Ocean , trips to the interior to visit Maputo nature reserve, the dam of 'Pequenos Libombos' or the idyllic village of Naamacha, famous for its mineral water. 

 The Maputo Bay, the Incomati and Maputo rivers mark the limits of the Metropolis.

Maputo Inhaca Island

 The Inhaca Island,in front is a World Biological Heritage site for the multicolor coral reefs and the number of rate species of fish found in its Waters.

 Inhaca Island provides good tourist accomodations and is an excellent example of what is to found on the coast: mangroves, pristine beaches, wild Life and luxurious vegetation.

 Near Inhaca are the uninhabited islands of Santa Maria and the Ilha dos Portugueses. 
Boat trips to the islands offer a wonderful day at the beach plus sightings of various species of fish found by the coral reefs.

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