Dangerous,killer Monster crocodiles lurk beneath the waters of the Zambezi.

They rule the Zambezi river and they have no mercy.The locals are wary of the nile crocodile and they know that the river is his domain.

In Mozambique official records show that crocodile attacks occur all over Mozambique,but most occur in districts bordering  Lake Cahora Bassa and the River Zambezi.(more than 66 percent of all crocodile attacks).

A hungry crocodile will ferousiously attack a dugout canoe while the fishermen are paddling it  and laying their nets.Most fisherman are never found after a crocodile attack;not even apart of them is found again.Many fisherman are taken by crocodile this way.

Nyakoko,the crocodile and Mvuu the hipopotamus are the devils of the Zambezi river;they are hated,respected and feared by all.

Sometimes on the banks of the river an unwary person is taken by crocodile and dissappears forever.Killer crocodiles are said to be owned by witches who send them to attack people.

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