SHARK ATTACK:Sharks have attacked four people in Inhambane and Maputo provinces

Four people were attacked by sharks in
the last 13 years in the Bay of
Inhambane and the beach of the
administrative post of Ponta do Ouro,
Maputo province. The Inhambane Bay,
one of the main tourist landmarks of the southern region, is where the
waters have proved more dangerous. Three out of the four attacks of those
contained in the Marine National
Institute records that occurred in that bay.

The first was 13 years ago (2002) and killed a fisherman who lost
his leg when he sought to fish in those
waters. The latest of this shark attacks occurred in the area of ​​the Maxixe District, whose victims were a woman of 35 years, who was biten on the buttocks, and a fisherman who lost his arm in Nhaduga zone, making three cases so far recorded in Inhambane.

There is also indication of a single recorded case three years ago (2012) on the beach of Ponta de Ouro, in Maputo province.The victim was a tourist who was exploring the waters in that area.

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